A low risk investment you can virtually buy and forget like Starbucks when it listed: $1,000 invested then is now worth $201,901.18 — a hard to believe return of 202 times your money
Yet . . . such profits are typical of hot growth companies

But how can you spot the next Starbucks, Whole Foods, Walmart, or McDonalds from the hundreds of turkeys that list on the world’s stock markets every year?

And how can you avoid companies touted as the “Next Starbucks” or the “Next Google” which crash and burn soon after they hit one of the big stock exchanges?

Explosive brands like Starbucks, Whole Foods, McDonald’s, and Walmart didn’t become successful by accident. With in-depth and accessible case studies we pull back the curtain on the early Key Performance Indicators that each of these major companies showed even in their earliest stages. Grasp these foundations of success and you, too, will be able to spot the next Starbucks before its shares explode.

I even show how you, as an “average-investor-in-the-street,” with no access to top management, no “insider information” and no hope of getting any, can find such a hot growth stock—without leaving the comfort of your own home.

You’ll also discover—

  • Two ways you could spot the next Starbucks by “just walking around”
  • Three simple indicators you can use to cross the “Next Turkey” off your list
  • Four completely different ways to profit from the next hot growth stock—or the last one
  • How to weed out the dross by “reading between the lines” of a company’s financial statements—even if you’d rather go to Starbucks than read its annual report

Identifying the “ingredients” essential for a small business to become a big one becomes a “recipe” for starting a successful business of your own.

So rather than investing in the next Starbucks, you could decide to create it yourself!


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