Can a Man Write a Convincing Rape Scene—from the Female Point of View?

“I thought the chapter where she was raped as a teenager was outstanding! I’m amazed at how well you are able to describe these feelings and reactions from a female perspective. I’m not saying I don’t think men understand the horror of such experience for a female. But to be able to portray it so vividly; I’m just amazed!

“I think I didn’t take a single breath reading through that story!”

Double or Triple Your Book’s Sales by Rewriting Just 5 to 10 Words

Dear Author: What are the most important words you’ll ever write?

Perhaps the line that grabs the reader by the short and curlies and never lets him go.

Or the last, page-turning paragraph of Chapter 1 (and, for that matter, every other chapter) that leaves the reader begging for more.

Or, it could be the covering letter to New York’s #1 agent that gets you that mouth-watering contract.

And how about the “blurb” that excites book-buyers so much that they take it straight to the checkout counter.

Or . . . as you’ll see, none of the above. . . .