What’s Your Investment Personality?

The simplest way to become a better investor — and make more money — is to discover and focus on the investment style that suits you best. Here’s how you can discover yours

Would you like to identify what kind of investor you are? Pinpoint the investment style that best suits your investment personality?

My unique Investor Personality Profile enables you to do just that.

In my book outlining the wealth-building secrets of the world’s master investors, The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffett & George Soros  I identified three different investor archetypes I call The Analyst, The Trader, and The Actuary.

Each takes an entirely different approach to the market, depending on his investment personality.

The Analyst is personified by Warren Buffett. He carefully thinks through all the implications of an investment before putting a single dime on the table.

The Trader acts primarily from unconscious competence. This archetype, epitomized by George Soros, needs to have a “feel” for the market. He acts decisively, often on incomplete information, trusting his “gut feel,” supremely confident that he can always beat a hasty retreat.

The Actuary deals in numbers and probabilities. Like an insurance company he is focused on the overall outcome,  unconcerned with any single event. The Actuarial investment strategy is, perhaps, best characterized by the legendary investor Benjamin Graham. It’s also the basis of most successful commodity trading systems.

Like all such characterizations, these three investor archetypes are mental constructs illustrating extreme tendencies. No individual is ever a perfect example of any single one. Indeed, the Master Investor has mastered the talents of all three.

Yet, like everyone else, he has a natural affinity with one of the three archetypes, and will tend to operate primarily from that perspective.

What’s yours? Knowing the answer is essential if you want to develop an investment style that you know is going to work for you.

Find out what kind of investor you are by completing my Investor Personality Profile. It will take you just a few moments. You’ll learn which archetype you have the greatest affinity for — plus guidance on how to capitalize on your strengths and correct any weaknesses.

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