Chapter 10

Future Developments

Second Passport

The world does not stand still, and just as a number of new opportunities have arisen since the last printing of this Report, so more will occur between now and the next edition.

The present edition omits certain countries that figured in the last: Jamaica and Costa Rica.

I foresee the possibility of including in the next edition some reference to countries which in the immediate future may seem unlikely candidates.

There is for example the Republic of Ireland, which has for some years been keen to encourage the establishment of new industries, although with a shortage of skilled labor (the young Irish themselves have tended to emigrate, for reasons that have been as valid as those which influenced their forefathers, although different), and with an over-preponderance of state-controlled industry the right climate has not quite existed there, but this may change.


The Philippines too may, at some future date, place more emphasis on attracting immigrants than it has so far. At present, in association with the investment of capital from overseas, the Philippines does permit key people to enter to take up employment in a restricted number of types of business. However the reams of conditions that apply to such investment are hardly conducive to a successful program. If the Philippines sincerely wishes to take part in the growth of prosperity taking place in Southeast Asia, and to encourage the investment from outside that it needs, it will have to reduce regulation, including the regulation of immigration.

For the time being the only recommendation I can make in this Report in relation to the Philippines is that if you choose your spot (away from scenes of likely unrest) it can be a pleasant place to which to retire. This is permitted, and there is even a scheme advertised, particulars of which I can supply to any reader who is interested and has not seen the advertisement.

South Africa is another place where opportunities may arise in the future. While today the South African passport is among the least sought-after imaginable, the day may come when the Republic wishes to rejoin the world.

On the same continent, Kenya has been the subject of recommendations, but it will take us time to carry out the necessary research and be satisfied that Kenya is suitable for inclusion in a future edition of this Report.

One country that I have failed to mention, although is of major importance to a people whose history is one of migration, is Israel.

Israel is very small, but it will always provide a home for Jews,

It might just provide a home for a limited number of others, if they possess skills that Israel needs. However the chances of others having skills not available to a very able people must be slim.