Discover the investment style that suits you best. Are you primarily an Analyst like Warren Buffett, a Trader like George Soros, or an Actuary like Benjamin Graham?

To find out just answer the questions below—and you—ll also learn how to capitalize on your strengths to increase your investment returns.

1.I only put a small portion of my net worth into any single investment.
2.When you put in an order, do you put in a stop-loss order at the same time?
3.Will you -- regularly or occasionally -- take short positions?
4.What factors determine wether you will make an investment (check all that apply):
5.Do you ever use some form of technical analysis?
    If yes:
6.I usually put no more than a small percentage (for example, less than 10%) of my portfolio in any single investment.
7.I will sometimes use futures, options, warrants or other derivatives.
If yes:
  • 8.When I’m on vacation, I regulary check the prices and keep up to date on the progress of my investments.
    9.I spend a fair amount of time investigating before I ever place an order with my broker.
    10.My style of investing means that sometimes I have to be up at odd hours of the night.
    11.If you’d bought stock Widgets Inc at $2 per share and it’s now $1 per share what would you do?
    12.How many different positions usually make up half your portfolio?
    13.I follow a mechanical or computerized trading system.
    14.I follow strict money management rules to limit the risk of any single investment to the total value of my portfolio.
    15.I’m actively in the market, buying ir selling...
    16.I always close out some (or all) of my positions before I go on vacation.
    17.I feel I understand the laws of probability and am comfortable applying them when I need to.
    18.My style of investing usually means there can be a fairly long time (i.e, a month or so...or something longer) between one investment
    19.I’m happy to put a large portion of my portfolio — a quarter or so and sometimes even more — into a single investment.
    20.I’m willing to take a position based on incomplete information...sometimes even 'gut feeling' or 'instinct'
    21.I will take a large number of positions from within a narrowly defined class of investments.
    22.When making decisions, I tend to procrastinate more often than not.
    23.Which statements best describe you (check all that apply):
    24.When I take a position I normally expect to hold it for...
    25.I expect to lose money a given percentage of the positions I take (e.g., 3 out of 7, 6 out of 10, or some other expected ratio).
    26.I make the same kind of investment over and over again.

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