Introduction to Visions of Liberty

Imagine we’re on a plane; we’ve crossed an ocean, we’ve landed; we’re taxiing up to the gate. As we file off the plane we have our passports ready.

But something rather strange happens: no one wants to look at them. We see no official-looking types of any kind.

Welcome to Freelandia, a country—perhaps it’s better to call it a place—which is truly free: there’s no government to invade and restrict our liberties. Of course, Freelandia doesn’t exist (yet) except in my imagination.

And in science fiction, the literature of the imagination

The Reluctant Virgin

The Reluctant Virgin In 1990 I set up shop in Hong Kong as a psycho-therapist. With no licencing laws, there were no barriers to entry. By the same token, the fact that I had no degree in psychology, or other paper qualifications, meant that clients were few and far between. Nevertheless, I had a handful…

“Monster versus “Shadow”

“Monster” versus “Shadow” This is a commentary on the session with “Andrew” documented in Transforming the “Monster” Within. The shadow cannot be eliminated. It is the ever-present dark brother or sister.(1) “Shadow” is a term from Jungian psychology, and it seems appropriate to call Andrew’s Monster his Shadow part. However, had we taken a Jungian approach…

Hong Kong’s Money Panic

Hong Kong’s Money Panic Around midday on Friday September 23rd, 1983, the latest round of Sino-British talks in Peking on the subject of Hong Kong’s future concluded. Very quickly it became apparent in Hong Kong that no progress had been made. The announcements that were were no announcements sparked a run on the Hong Kong…