How this Investment IQ Test
was created

I was looking for an easy way to introduce the winning investment habits I’d discovered to the average investor when I hit on the idea of creating this Investment IQ Test.

So I spent a lot of time drafting questions that – if answered honestly – would give an accurate assessment of an investor’s skills and habits, compared to what the world’s master investors actually DO.

The initial phase of extensive testing and refinement winnowed the questions down to 46. That might still seem a lot; but as it turns out it’s the smallest number that will accurately evaluate all 23 winning investment habits.

But it still had to be tested “live.” So I ran an ad which attracted 83 investors – and it was their responses to my analysis of their answers which proved the accuracy of the questions.

The final step – which turned out to be the hardest of all – was to put this entire analysis online. 173 people helped to “debug” the program – and gave me comments like the ones above.

That’s what makes this Investment IQ Test unique:

It’s based on what the world’s most successful investors actually DO – not some academic’s theory

It compares your investment habits and strategies to those of the Masters, so you’ll see immediately what you’re doing wrong – and what you’re doing right

A personalized assessment – about 9 pages long – gives you detailed steps to follow to help make it easy for you to adopt the winning investment habits of the world’s master investors.